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BeBuzz Pro 2.0.71 with Headless Support now Available!
Posted by Henrik (Bellshare) on 12 March 2014 04:54 PM

After a long development and testing phase we are finally announcing availability of the headless version of BeBuzz 10 Pro for BlackBerry!

You can download BeBuzz 10 Pro now from If you purchased BeBuzz 10 Pro before this update is free!


Take full control of your BlackBerry® 10 notification LED with BeBuzz, the original LED customization app for BlackBerry® that defined a whole new app category!

» Green for e-mails from your your boss, yellow for new messages on WhatsApp, blue for BBM messages and "fast disco" for all your Twitter messages. «

Finally available for BlackBerry® 10, BeBuzz is the most feature packed, user friendly and reliable LED notifier app. With more than 35 Million downloads, multiple awards and many many firsts BeBuzz is one of the most popular apps for BlackBerry smartphones ever!

☆ 1st app ever to bring customizable LED colors to BlackBerry ☆
☆ 1st app ever to bring DISCO LED colors to BlackBerry ☆
☆ Featured on the official InsideBlackBerry blog as an AppWorld success story ☆
☆ Voted #1 BlackBerry App Developer of the Year 2010 by CrackBerry! ☆
☆ Nominated for the CrackBerry App Award 2010 "Best Utility - OS enhancement" ☆


- LED: Choose from over 100 LED and DISCO LED colors

- SOUND: Audible notifiers that optionally keep repeating until you acknowledge them

- TEXT-TO-SPECH: BeBuzz will read your e-mails, texts (SMS) and weather alerts out aloud! (Sender and message subject only)

- VIBRATE: Customizable vibrate for every notification


- CONTACTS: E-Mails, texts (SMS), Blaq, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and missed calls PER CONTACT. See who it is that is contacting you!

- APPS: Global notifications for BBM, WhatsApp, Calendar Reminders, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, incoming and missed calls. And only BeBuzz supports Blaq and BeWeather!

- FILTERS: Create notifications for specific e-mails and text (SMS) filtered by message sender or subject/body


- Runs in the background, no need to keep an active frame open! (BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 or higher)

- Automatically perform actions on e-mail messages (Delete, flag, mark as read, change priority)

- Detects your device's notification profile (normal, silent, all alerts off etc) and mutes led, sound, vibrates accordingly. Fully customizable!

- Customize BeBuzz to stop notifications when you peek/open the hub, when you unlock the phone, press any hardware button or open any app

- Vibrate on call connect/disconnect

- Coverage Indicator: Get your BlackBerry 7 blinking green status light back

- Select from BeBuzz logo, Contact Photos or Battery Indicator for the active frame

- Battery indicator on the active frame shows time to full/empty or available memory

- 'E-Mail Auto Sync' when entering/exiting Hub keeps your e-mail accounts in sync at all times. No battery drain!

- 'E-Mail Auto Sync Interval' lets you set a lower auto update interval than 30 minutes

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BeWeather for iPhone Version 1.0.36 now available!
Posted by Henrik (Bellshare) on 28 January 2014 10:47 PM

We are happy to announce that an update to version 1.0.36 for BeWeather for iPhone is out now! Download from the iTunes App Store 

Changes in this version:

- Fixed missing status bar 
- Fixed bug where weather data disappears after refresh


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BeWeather for iPhone
Posted by Henrik (Bellshare) on 26 January 2014 06:30 AM

We are happy to announce BeWeather for iPhone is out! Free to download from the iTunes App Store


BeWeather is a visually stunning, modern weather application. BeWeather provides all the weather information you need, packaged in a beautiful, easy to use app. BeWeather makes even bad weather look good! 

All the weather info you need:

· Detailed current conditions
· Detailed 7 day and 24 hour forecast including sunrise/sunset times and moon phase
· Weather maps with animated radar (USA, Canada and Europe) and satellite (infrared and visible)
· Severe weather information (USA and Europe)
· Access to Weather Underground's huge network of personal weather stations
· Access to thousands of webcams for many locations
· Easily share the beautiful weather photographs, maps, weather alerts and webcam images on social networks
· Built from the ground up for iOS 7

Beautifully packaged:

· View current weather conditions using stunning HD weather animations, a huge selection of beautiful static images or show a location's animated radar map in the background 
· Swipe up to reveal more detailed forecats
· Swipe left and right to quickly change locations

Unlock even more features by upgrading to BeWeather Pro:

· Unlimited number of locations
· Minutely rain forecasts (by Forecast, makers of the DarkSky app)
· Hurricane Tracker
· Storm tracks on weather radar
· Receive notifications for weather alerts at your location
· Show the current temperature as a badge on the homescreen icon
· Show the current weather as a notification on the lockscreen

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